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Appco Group Prosales is the oldest and the original division of the Cobra Group of Companies.Appco Group Prosales offers consumers the opportunity to purchase an exclusive range of products, directly from the manufacturer, circumventing the need for retail. We take high-quality consumable products that are at the forefront of their industry at outstanding value for money, straight to customers through our trademarked Human Commercial™.

Appco Group Prosales takes products such as FW1, a waterless cleaning wax to petrol sites and shopping centres and demonstrates to customers at their convenience, how to clean, wax and polish their car, motorbike or truck with no water and in less than 30 minutes. In 2008, FW1 was awarded the Smart Watermark and became an approved water-saving device. Later in April 2010, respected business publication the Business Review Weekly in Australia (BRW), awarded them 20th place on the ‘Fast Starters’ list. Appco Group Prosales operates FW1 in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.

In 2012, Appco Group Prosales launched Flammart a manufacturer of portable fire extinguishers, fire protection equipment and accessories. We take their products directly to customers via business-to-business and event marketing channels with a strong focus and success of engaging consumers through demonstration at point of sale.

Appco Group Prosales launched Laurelle Parfums in March 2015 which offers a contemporary range of fine fragrances for both men and women. Following current fashion trends, Laurelle Parfums work to create and produce cutting edge products which feature innovative and creative designs. We take their products directly to customers via event marketing channels to create brand awareness for the product and have been breaking records since!

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Appco Group Prosales recently ventured into a personal care range earlier this year with the launch of, Shaves2U. is looking to stop the great razor rip-off in Malaysia and give everybody the luxury of a great shave at an affordable price delivered to your door step.

As an online razor company, is providing an exclusive range of razors for both men and women with products to include foams and gels at prices up to 50% lower than leading brands. Shaves2U razor blades are manufactured in the U.S. and they come in both three and five-blade formats, both of which can be attached to the same handle.

The Shaves2U range is also available for in-store purchases at Giant, Cold Storage, BIG (Publika outlet), Jason’s and Mercato supermarket across Klang Valley.

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