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Whether you want to give a positive review or make a complaint, we welcome your feedback. All comments are taken into consideration and used to make our service and business even better.

Please either email us at customerservice@appcogroup.asia or write to us at:

Customer Service
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We speak to over 600,000 people every month around the region in Asia and the vast majority of those people enjoy their interactions with the fundraisers and independent contractors in our network.

However, we understand that there are times when you need to advise us of areas where we could improve.

Your query will be treated with the utmost consideration and, if it can’t be dealt with directly by the team, it will be forwarded to the Appco Group Asia staff member who is best placed to assist you further.


Clients have so many choices when it comes to choosing the right marketing channel. Most organisations use a mixture of different advertising channels to get their message across. But we believe that people still respond best to people – and we’re not alone.

Appco Group Asia offers clients a way to introduce, advertise and sell a product or service – all at the same time. We help companies increase sales, increase market share, connect with their customer base, and build their brand.

At Appco Group Asia we place the clients at the centre of everything we do.
The performance based model means the clients only pay for the results we deliver. We do not charge set up or management fees, we do not charge an hourly rate or require a minimum level of investment. We are remunerated purely on performance, which means the onus is on us to consistently deliver quality customers. We insist on the highest possible standards of integrity and accountability at all times.

We make a commitment to the clients through our brand promises of risk free customer acquisition, guaranteed return on investment and brand enhancement.

Risk free customer acquisition

The clients only pay for the customers or donors we deliver, ensuring risk free customer acquisition. This is our key differentiator as most advertising and marketing companies require upfront investment where there is little guarantee that it will work.

Guaranteed return on investment

Quality interactions, creates quality customers and donors resulting in high value returns for the companies and charities we represent. In addition working with Appco creates a return-on-investment, anything from four to 12 times depending on the customer or client we work with.

Brand enhancement

We insist on the highest possible standards of integrity and accountability at all times. We deliver unrivalled brand enhancement and superior quality customers and donors for the clients. We are without doubt the best company in the world at delivering high volume sales, while still leaving every customer we interact with positive, regardless of whether they become a customer/donor or not.

The simple answer is because it works – and the results are much more measurable, unlike TV campaigns, newspaper adverts and billboards.

Commercial clients

We generate over US$45,000 in sales every month across the region.

Charity clients

On average, every month in Asia, we secure more than 21,000 donors for the charity partners, which means that between them they receive more than US$115 million in donations – every month (based on a donor giving for an average of three years).

Appco Group Asia uses a performance-based model, which means the onus is on us to deliver committed, long-term, customers or regular-giving donors because commercial clients and charities only pay us for the customers or donors we deliver.

Contracts with commercial and charity clients are agreed on a campaign basis, and payments to Appco Group Asia come from a pre-allocated sales or fundraising budget (which may, for example, also include TV and billboard advertising).

We are paid by a commercial client or charity client for each customer or donor recruited. This is a one-off payment from a pre-allocated sales or fundraising budget. All sales or donations made by people signed up by the face-to-face independent contractors in our network go directly to the nominated client or charity.